Akash Mudra


The Akash mudra is very famous mudra and is very similar to the Gyan mudra. This mudra is, like most of them, very simple and easy to do and feels natural and comfortable when meditating, if you remember not to strain your hand muscles but instead relax in your hands. The main goal of the meditation is to feel relaxed in your entire body, so if a part of your body, such as your hand, is hurting by trying to do a certain position, you need to relax your muscles and make it feel as natural as possible so that it will not interrupt your meditation practice.

For the Akash mudra, your hands will rest on your knees, with palms facing upwards. Take your thumb and let it touch your middle finger while keeping the rest of your fingers in a straight, but comfortable, position. Then place your hands on your knees.


The Akash mudra will help you be more open-minded, which gives you a better view and a whole new perspective on life. This will help you succeed in life as you will be able to see things in a whole new way you didnít do before and from there make your decisions and find your path. You will be more acceptable to more new things and new ways you have not thought about before.




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