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Angel Meditation 

How to Contact Angels





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Practice an Angel Meditation if you want to contact your guardian angel or one of the archangels. Angel meditation will help you create a loving space for you angel where it is welcome and where you will allow it to be present. There are different types of techniques you can use. First you have to figure out what your goal is with this. What do you want from your guardian angel or the archangels? Do you want an answer on a specific question that you may have, or do you just want to know if they have anything they want you to know? Or maybe you just want to feel the comfort of these angels and feel all their loving energies. 




Contacting your Guardian Angel 





Angel Meditation for Contacting Your Guardian Angel

Sit or lie in a comfortable position, and take a few second to calm your body down before beginning.   


Now close your eyes and take a deep breath. Let all of your worries and tension exit your body as you exhale. Feel your body becoming more relaxed. Take another deep breath and remove the last of your worries you have inside. Feel how relaxed and calm your body and mind are.   


Now visualize in your minds eye that you are outside on a lovely flower field. Smell the aromas from the flowers and hear how they dance in the wind. Look at all their colours. Bright blue, red, yellow and orange flowers and nice green grass underneath. Just be at peace in nature. This is where you belong. Nature created you and so you feel at home out on that flower field.   


Now take your eyes away from the field and look at the sky instead. The sun does not blind you. You see clearly all of the details. You see the shapes of the clouds and how they slowly move.   


Now all of a sudden you see a small white light in the sky. Focus on that white light. Slowly it becomes bigger and bigger. You see how this heavenly light starts surrounding you and you suddenly have this feeling of bliss. Of love and comfort. You know that everything is going to be all right. All of a sudden your worries seem so small.   


The warm and beautiful white light is now all that you see. In the middle of the bright light you see a shape of a person. The person is white and bright as the light and he/she moves towards you. Suddenly you notice its great wings stretching out to the sides. As this person comes nearer, there is no doubt in your mind that this is an angel.   


Slowly the angel folds its wings around you, and you feel how soft and warm they feel. You almost feel like a little child in your motherís arms. You feel the same love and security. You just relax in these angel wings as long as you like. Just take your time in this peaceful place. You are no longer afraid. You know that an angel is watching over you and that the only thing you need to do is to call upon it and ask it for help.   


When you are ready to return to your life, you just visualize that the wings are slowly opening. You still feel the love and security, even after the angel has let go. You see how the angel and all of the beautiful light are moving back into the sky where it came from. 

You now see the colourful flower field again with all of the beauty of this world. You can still feel how the love from the angel is still around, even though you canít see it. You feel how the angel is watching out for you and protecting you. You now feel totally secure and safe and loved. 


Ask your Guardian Angel 


If you have a specific question you want to ask your guardian angel or if you need it to guide you, you can do that, at the end of the above exercise when your angel is present. Say your question out loud or in your head, and take your time. Keep thinking about that question and that you want the guardian angel to answer it and nothing more. Fore some people it is also possible to ask for a specific way they want the answer to appear to them, but be aware of every signs that it may give you.   


The answer from the guardian angel may come through certain omens. You may hear or see things several times in a short period of time. Maybe hours or maybe days. It can for instance be a specific quote that you suddenly hear everywhere you go, or it can be an object that keeps showing up. They also may come in threes, meaning that if an omen appears three times in this short period of time, it may be a sign. Of cause it has to be something unusual. Something you donít see or hear every day.   


Guardian angels can also talk to you through emotions. You may all of a sudden feel a strong feeling of love or peace. That may be your angel talking to you. It can also be the sudden craving for doing something specific that is not a part of your everyday life.