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Angel of Death – The Grim Reaper


The Grim Reaper also known as the angel of death or just death is the entity that helps the dead to move on. The reaper is there to guide the deceased from this world and in to the next.

Some people believe that the Grim Reaper can be tricked in to either causing deaths or sparing someone's life.   

So should you fear the Grim Reaper or not? 


There is really no reason for anyone to fear the Grim Reaper, since he this entity is only there to guide you through dying. If it was not there, spirits may be lost when their time on this earth has ended. Every soul needs to move on to something else. Another plan, another level or another realm. No one knows to where we have to go, but life probably does not stop after dying. We are made of energy. Our souls are pure energy and it will always exist. It will never vanish. Maybe it stays on this earth or maybe it goes to other parts of the universe. We really do not know. But one thing is certain; every living creature will one day figure it out, and it will probably be a lot less scary than what we make it out to be.


The Grim Reaper is energy like every thing else, and it is there to be our guide. Some people who have experienced near death experiences see a bright light in front of them. It is beyond anything we would see on this physical plan, and is a glimpse of the spiritual world. Maybe this bright energy is what we would call death or the Grim Reaper. It may be how this guiding entity looks and feels like.





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What does the Grim Reaper look like? 


There are different guesses on how this reaper should look. 

Most of us probably know the black cloak version of death. We have created an extremely negative picture of death. The black cloak is scary and frightens people. We associate black with evil and death and misery. The Grim Reaper is therefore something we should be afraid of. He hides behind this large black cloak and almost looks like a frightening shadow.   

Another version of his appearance is the skeleton reaper. He is sometimes pictured as a skeletal figure. It makes sense. He is Death. The Great Plague may have had an influence on how he came to look like that. 

Another characteristic is the hourglass. The hourglass counts down the days and minutes that one has left. It scares people, because it is something that they have no control over. They cannot change time. If it is their “time” to go, it is all of a sudden all about fate and destiny. We can’t stop it. 

The most famous thing must be the weapon that he carries with him. His great scythe. This weapon has replaced other weapons in other versions. With his scythe he is harvesting all the dead people souls.