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Archangel Gabriel



The name Gabriel means the “Strength of God”, “The Divine is my strength” or “God is my strength”

Archangel Gabriel is the only angel mentioned by name in the Old Testament. He is the messenger from God and can be found the Gospel of Luke. He predicted the birth of both Jesus and John the Baptist. Gabriel holds the book of knowledge with the fates of every soul.

Gabriel speaks to the heart of people and not the mind. You will be able to know if the path you are taking is the right one if it feels right. It is through your emotions you will hear Gabriel.

The knowledge of resurrection is also something he holds. He knows that nothing stops existing. It will always be present in some form somewhere. He therefore also assists people in channeling and clear the path for them.

Archangel Gabriel brings us mostly hopeful messages but can also give us warnings in our dreams. But he always gives us messages that will benefit us in the end. What we need to do is to act. But it is always difficult to change daily routines and habits, but it is necessary, in order to get what we want.

He is also the angel of heavenly mercy, humanity, death, vengeance and truth.



The colour associated with Gabriel is gold and white.



Call upon Gabriel:

Call upon Archangel Gabriel if you are starting a family and he will help you through the process. If you feel a disconnection to your spiritual being and if you third eye is closed, he will help you and bring you visions and premonitions.

He will helps people find the right path and helps them on the way. So if you need some guidance to find your path and your life purpose, call upon Gabriel and he shall help you.

He will also help you remove negative thoughts and energy from your body and mind and purify your mind. 


Call upon Gabriel to find the right path in life 


Call upon or pray to Gabriel:


Great Archangel Gabriel, the messenger from God,

I call upon you. I pray for your help.

I ask with humbleness,

That you guide my through life.

Help me find the right path in life,

And guide me safe and confidence through that road.

I ask you to speak to my heart and emotions,

So I will know which way I should go.

Let me always choose the way,

That will lead me to love, peace and kindness.

I thank you great Gabriel,

For you great guidance and your patience.





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