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Archangel Michael





Take Control of Your Life




The name Michael means, "Who is like God", "Like unto God", "Who is like the Divine"

Archangel Michael is the first angel created by God, and Michael is the highest ranked angel and the most powerful. Archangel Michael is an archangel that is recognized in Christian, Hebrew and Islamic traditions.

You find Michael  in the Book of Daniel, the Book of Jude and the Book of revelation where he is mentioned by name.

He is associated with protection, truth, strength, courage, and might, and with his great sword, he protects us from evil. Michael fights against Satan and other negative energies.



Archangel Michael may appear as a Bright blue/purple light.


Call upon Michael:

If you have emotional problems, such as a low self-esteem, lack of motivation, lack of courage and strength, confused about your purpose of life or when you feel that you are under psychic attack.

Michael will help you through any emotional tough time and helps you realize your true purpose. He will be with you in difficult times if you pray to him and he will teach you to be true to yourself and be who you are suppose to be. Just be the loving and caring being as God created you. Be open for positive energies and prepared for negative and always let the goodness win in the end, just as Michael defeated Satan and his demons.   

People have a tendency to be more affected by negative thoughts such as fear and horror, and we send that energy out in the universe. And that is why we should focus and pray to something positive, such as Michael, when we are afraid or feel a presence of negative energies. This is on an energy level and may not work on a physical plan.

Focus on God the positive and creating energy of love that surrounds this world and universe. There is no greater power than the power of love and affection.



Call upon Michael if you have negativity in your life 

Call upon or pray to Michael: 


Great Archangel Michael, he who is like God,

I call upon you. Please help me.

I ask with great humility,

To remove all negative energies in my surroundings and inside of me,

And replace them with great positive energies.

Take away my fears and worries,

And let me be strong no matter what the future may bring.

I call upon you Archangel Michael,

To be with me in the dark, and to guide me towards the light.

Let love be the dominant emotion in me,

And let it wipe out all the hate and anger I hold inside.

I thank you great Michael,

For your love and your understanding.