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Guardian Angel


Guardian angels are angels that help us through life. They are not the same as a spirit guide, who is an actual spirit of a deceased. Guardian angels protect us when danger occurs and they try to warn us on a subconscious level when something unfortunate is about to happen in our lives.

Guardian angels will help us take the right path and make the right decisions in life. They will guide us with their loving energies and they will be by our sides and surround us with positive energy. But there is also something called free will, and just like archangels can�t help you if you don�t ask them to, so can�t guardian angels. You have to allow them to guide you. Do not ignore them, because then they cannot help you. Just be open to their love. That is all they are. A loving and warm energy that guides and protects you.


How do we know that an angel is present? 


Angels are a strong loving energy and humans can sometimes feel that energy. Some people are more sensitive to these energies than other. Some may feel a sudden warmth and love. They can unexpectedly feel comfortable and secure. Some people experience these blissful feeling when they feel sorrow and are in emotional pain. It is like the angels are comforting people.


Other people may feel wind as the angel passes them. It will feel like an unexpectedly gust of air on your skin. The reason may be that the angel is on its way to someone who is in danger and therefore is moving fast.

Angels may communicate to us in many ways, but it is possible that we just do not se or hear them. We are not used to paying attention to what is known in the physical world. We are busy people and our days are hectic. This makes it extremely difficult for us to notice any messages that may be given to us from the angels. We need to be more aware of our sudden emotions and learn to listen to our intuition.

The most important thing we need to do is to ask for their help. People have free will. That means that the angels can only help us if we allow them to. So don�t be afraid to ask for their help. You can do that through a Angel Meditation where you connect with you guardian angel.