Anjali Mudra


The Anjali mudra is one of the very well known hand mudras and is fairly simple to do, yet takes some time to get used to as it may not feel all that natural in the beginning as many of the other mudras. So if you are a beginner, you may want to start with another mudra such as the very simple Gyan mudra, which is a lot more pleasant for your hands and therefore make it possible for you to totally relax during your meditation, which of course is the main goal and your way to get a successful meditation practice. So start simple and then do the Anjali mudra when you feel you are ready to move on from the other hand mudras. It is not that this hand mudra is better than the others, so you do not have to move on from the simpler mudras, if you are comfortable with them.

But if you decide to do this mudra here is how you must do. To do the Anjali mudra you will have to press the palms of your hands against each other and place them in front of the heart chakra area. This mudra symbolizes honor, respect and balance and the heart chakra is connected with love and healing. You have probably seen this mudra many times as a gesture of respect for someone or something. By placing the hands by the heart you are close to the heart and the chakra of healing and unconditional love, which is a great thing to focus on whenever you meditate or do other types of spiritual work. It helps you connect with the loving and caring side of you.


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