Astral Projection Experiences




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Astral projection is the phenomenon where your spiritual body leaves your physical body. Many people have had different astral projection experiences, both good and bad. When we leave out physical body, we enter an unknown realm where we are a lot less protected and prepared for what may be out there. Some people have had negative astral projection experiences and have felt like surrounded by evil and entities that wanted to harm them. Other people have had beautiful experiences where they were surrounded by light and love and felt bath with the goodness of the world.




So Why Do People Get Different Experiences?

The answer to this question is unknown, but it can have something to do with the mental state of the person practicing astral projection. If for instance the person subconsciously focuses on the things he or she is afraid of, such as demons, that may influence the astral projection experience and the results the person gets, may be the complete opposite from one who only focuses on positive thoughts. The negative view many of us have on the paranormal is very influenced by all the horror movies we are used to see. At times we almost expect something scary to happen when working with the paranormal and our spirituality.


But then again no one really knows if we are the ones creating or attracting these negative entities. It could also be that they just are out there and that we do not know how to protect our selves from them when we astral travel.


But no matter what kind of spiritual work we do, we always have to focus on love and goodness, as we send out strong emotional vibrations that will attract what we feel and think of.