Biokinesis is the ability to change your biology. Biokinesis allows you to change and re-program your genes and DNA. This can be a very powerful ability as you will be able to consciously change physical parts of you such as your eye colour, stimulating growth, removing pain, catalysing self healing, etc.


First of all it is recommended that you learn some of the basics about biology or what is relevant for you and what you want to change in your body. It will help you to know a little about DNA and cells.


Biokinesis is very powerful and you should first read more about it and learn more before trying it, to make sure that you know what you are doing.


Working with biokinesis takes time and patience as it will take some time to change your genes. This means that you will not get any instant results, but need to give it time.  



If you want to learn biokinesis and change your genes, you can try to change the colour of your eyes by imagine them being another colour when you look at them. You can also work with your immune system and try to heal your body the next time you for instance get a flue. To do that you can do a meditation where you will create a light of energy inside your body, which will activate your immune system and make your white blood cells work faster. This is not something that happens instantly but takes some time as you are altering your appearance.


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