Chin Mudra


The Chin mudra symbolizes the connection with the nature and our consciousness. Chin is Sanskrit and also means consciousness. This hand mudra also helps us with the uniting of the soul and universe/God. We will connect to the universe and the divine and have more spiritual consciousness. This mudra keeps the energy inside the body because of form that guides the energy that travels through our arms and hands beck into our body so that we do not lose that energy. This energy will stay in our body and energize or mind.


For the Chin mudra you will have to take your index finger and fold it so that it curls under your thumb, creating a circle. Do this with both hands and place them on your knees with your palms facing downwards so that the middle finger, ring finger and little finger are pointing at the ground.


The Chin mudra will give you a grounded feeling and it is a mudra that will guide you out of the dark and negativity and lead you to the light of wisdom and knowledge. The Chin mudra is therefore good to use in your meditation practice when you need to feel more balanced and connected to the earth and universe. It helps you center yourself and create stability inside you and the energy inside your body.



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