Chronokinesis is the ability to take control over time. This is a very complex psychic ability, and very difficult to understand as it deals with time and space and our perception of time. It is unknown what type of affect chronokinesis really has on time and if the person practicing chronokinesis has the ability to slow down or speed up time. it is your own perception of time that is changed and therefore not time itself. So if you low down time, you will experience your surrounding moving in slow-motion and you moving in normal speed.



Chronokinesis Exercise


For this exercise you will need a clock that makes a ticking sounds. Now take some time to relax and get comfortable. Do a short breathing meditation to still your mind and calm your body so that you are ready for the chronokinesis exercise. Meditate for 5-10 minutes and then start the exercise.


You can do this exercise with your eyes open or closed. If you choose to keep your eyes open, you can gaze at the clock. Pay attention to the ticking sound. Notice the very constant beat it makes every second. Start to notice the silence between each ticking sound. Use your mind to take control of this sound. Try to stretch the sound as little every second. Feel the space between each tick gets longer and longer. Start to really notice the irregularity of the before so constant beat. Stretch it as far as you can.


Write down your experiences and results in your psychic journal and then you can compare it with the results you get after a couple of weeks of training.




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