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Cryokinesis is the ability to manipulate ice. This is very much related to hydrokinesis, as it deals with the same element. 


With cryokinesis you may be able to change the temperature of water, making it colder or icy. You may also be able to create a cold breeze around someone and give them Goosebumps. You can also learn to create a ice ball, just like when creating a psi ball, and then through it at a target object.


Cryokinesis is not one of the very known psychic ability, and the numbers of people who have experienced any sort of cryokinetic phenomenon are believed to be few. Though that does not mean it is impossible to develop.



Cryokinesis Exercises


Visualization Meditation


Do a meditation before you begin your work. You need to get focused and use your imagination to create a strong picture of what your goal is. You should do a visualization meditation where you will visualize yourself absorbing cold from around you. Take in all the cold from the air that surrounds you. Feel your body becoming colder every second. Do this for 10-15 minutes before starting your cryokinesis exercise.


Ice Ball


The Ice ball is created just like the psi ball, where you will hold out your hands in front of your body in a position simulating holding a average sized ball in your hands. Now instead of guiding warm psychic energy from your body through your palms, you are creating an ice-cold ball with cold energy from your body. Feel the coolness of the energy leaking from your palms.


The energy will fuse in the space between your hands and create a cold spot. Move your hands slowly towards and away from the ice ball, creating an intense energy feel. Visualize the ball getting larger and larger. Compress the energy ball so that it gets even more intense and hard. When you are ready, you can through the ball at a target object.



Cold Water


For this exercise you will try to lower the temperature of water. Take a transparent glass and fill it with water. You can take the temperature of the water to see if you are able to make it colder. Place your hands around the glass and take a mental picture of the scenery. Close your eyes and feel energy seeping out from your palms, creating a cool spot around the glass, just like when creating an ice ball.


See the glass getting colder as is slowly begins to freeze and become white-ish and less transparent. Keep sending ice-cold air towards the area and watch the glass becoming more and more icy. See the water start to freeze as well as it slowly gets a solid surface.

Do this exercise for 20-30 minutes and take your time. When you are done, take the temperature of the water and see if there are any changes.


Remember to be patient, as this will take a lot of time and many attempts.


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