Dhyana Mudra


The Dhyana mudra is a very well known hand posture and very comfortable to use when meditating. For the Dhyana mudra your hands will be placed in level with your stomach, while resting your arms on your thighs. Take your left hand and let the palm face upward and then place your right hand in the palm of the left one, but in the same way with the palm facing upwards as shown in the illustration. Now let the thumbs meet and touch in the middle.


The Dhyana mudra is said to symbolize concentration and balance of thoughts. This harmonic and symmetrical mudra will create stability in your and your mind and make you feel balanced and in control. You will have control over your mind and your thoughts and create a harmonious feeling inside you and make your mind be focused and organized. So if you feel like you need to improve your concentration, maybe you have a difficult time staying focused for longer periods of time during your day or meditation, you can try this Dhyana mudra and see if it able to help you control your mind and though and create harmony and peace in your head.



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