Gesture Definition


The Definition of gestures is that they are body movements or positions that help express a certain thought or feeling. Gestures are highly determined by which culture you visit and it is therefore difficult to have global gestures. In some countries one gesture can have one particular meaning while in another country the same gesture can have a whole other meaning. But in this modern world where television and Internet has become a global thing, we are very much influenced by other cultures gestures and way of living, and we therefore sometimes take in gestures of other cultures.


The gesture definition is therefore a certain body language that is understood by others for it to be significant. It is a way of communicating with others in a nonverbal manner and it is a part of everybody’s life, even though we may not think much about it during the day. Most people use gestures in our everyday life and we use them to emphasize what we are either saying or feeling. It is our way of underlining what we say and in that way give it a stronger meaning.


Gestures in meditation and yoga can be done with different hand gestures or hand mudras and are used to improve health. So you will choose a hand gesture that is relevant for you and your goals with the meditation. To decide which gesture you want to use, you first need to know the meaning of the different gestures.



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