Gyan Mudra




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The Gyan mudra, also known as Jnana mudra, is a very simple and basic mudra to do and it looks a lot like the Akash Mudra. For the Gyan mudra you will have to take your thumb and your index finger and let them touch at the tip of your fingers as shown in the illustration. Let your hands rest on your knees with your palms facing upwards. Remember not to strain your muscles in your hands to do this posture, as this will only create discomfort and pain during your meditation and thereby function as a disturbing factor for your concentration and focus. So make sure your hands are relaxed and the hand mudra feels natural and comfortable for you.


The Gyan mudra helps with concentration and peace of mind. So if you seek inner peace you may want to consider this hand mudra. Or is you have difficulties focusing, maybe during your meditation, it can help you be more concentrated. The Gyan mudra is also the mudra of knowledge, brain activity and memory. So if you need to improve one of these things, you should try this mudra and see if you feel a different. You may feel like you have difficulties remembering things and that you mind is not really working with you at times. You may forget things or feel like your mind is working slower and lacks energy. Then try the Gyan mudra when you do your daily meditation and see if it can help you.


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