Hand Gesture Meaning


In meditation and yoga the hand gesture meaning depends on which hand mudra you choose to use in your practice. Each hand gesture or mudra has some significant characteristics and so you need to find the one that will work for you and is relevant for your goals.


Compared with other gestures, mudras means symbolic gestures and are used for energy work instead of communication. So when other body gestures are used in our daily life to lay emphasis on a thought or feeling in a way that others can understand mudras are used when someone works on developing their spirituality and needs mudras to help them with their development either to guide energy or to help them focus.


For instance is the meaning of the hand gesture Gyan mudra to improve brainpower and concentration. So if that is your goal with your meditation, you should use this mudra. But if your goal is to loose weight, you should consider using the Surya mudra, which is the mudra of fire, and can help increase metabolism in the body.


So take a look at the different mudras you can do for your meditation and then find the right one for you. Just experiment with the different hand gestures and try to feel the different. The good thing about having a hand mudra is also that you have something to do with your hands when you meditate. Sometimes it can be difficult knowing where to put them and have to place them while meditating so that it feels natural and still with a purpose beside getting them out of the way.



Here is a list of some of the most famous hand gestures:


Gyan Mudra


Akash Mudra


Anjali Mudra


Surya Mudra


Prithvi Mudra


Chin Mudra


Dhyana Mudra


Kubera Mudra



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