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How to be a Hypnotist

Learn how to hypnotize Others and be a Successful Hypnotist




How to be a Hypnotist?

A hypnotist is able to hypnotize others by guiding them through methods that will help them hypnotize themselves. The hypnotist will guide the person through a deep relaxation exercise. Hypnosis does not always work and factors that can spoil the session can be things such as the other personís belief in hypnosis. Perhaps he/she is extremely difficult to convince that hypnosis works. So how to be a hypnotists? There are different hypnosis exercises you can use such as the following exercise.






Take Control of Your Life



Step 1

Make sure that the person sits or lie comfortably and make sure that you will not get interrupted while performing this hypnosis exercise.


Step 2

Tell the person that he will remember everything when they are done. This technique is also used in dream recovery exercises, where you are consciously telling your mind that you want to remember.


Step 3

Calm the person down by telling them about the session. The more comfortable they are with the exercise the more likely they are to totally relax.


Step 4

Tell the person to close his eyes and take a moment to calm down and relax. Now tell him to create a comfortable and secure place in his memories. Let him think about something that makes him feel happy, safe and at peace. Let him really experience this place. Guide him through this mental picture. Make sure to speak with a calm and low voice. Try to follow the breath of the person. That will create rhythm, flow and harmony. Tell the person to relax their mind completely.


Step 5

Now go through the entire body, relaxing every muscle in the body. Start from the head. Tell the person to feel the muscles in his forehead loosen. Give him time to loosen any tension that he has. Now move down to his cheeks and chin. Continue all the way down to the feet and toes. Take your time and do not rush it.


Step 6

Now make the person feel heavy and tired. Tell him to feel the weight of his body as it sinks further and further down. His arms are so heavy that he can not lift them. Tell him that it is the state of total relaxation and it feels nice and comfortable.


Step 7

Now start your countdown from 10 to 0. For every step, tell the person to feel more and more relaxed. His body feels heavy and his eyes feel tired. A wave of drowsiness washes over him and make him extremely sleepy. When you get to 0, tell him that he is now totally relaxed and in a deep trance.


Step 8

This step is where the hypnosis happens. You can now talk to the person and motivate him. For instance you can do a confidence boosting hypnosis where you will tell him that he is very talented and that he should pursuit his dreams. Tell him that he can be whatever he wishes, and if you know what he wants to be, mention that too. Take your time and keep repeating some of the same things to make sure it reaches the unconscious mind.


Step 9

When you are done with the hypnosis, tell the person to slowly become aware of his physical body again. Tell him to move his fingers and toes, and then his arms and legs. Tell him to open his eyes. You may want to do this confidence boosting hypnosis more than ones. Do it once in a while and see if it makes a different it the personís life.




Conversational Hypnosis


There are other ways to hypnotize people, even without them knowing it. You will not snap your fingers and all of a sudden they are going to fall a sleep. It is all about body-language and how you speak to the person. You are actually able the get the outcome you wish from a conversation.


But there have been cases of people putting others into a trance with conversational hypnosis and afterward the person did not remember the incident. Believing in hypnosis is not difficult as the fact that our subconscious mind is so powerful and has a great impact on a daily lives, even though we do not consciously think about it. We also know that body language is one powerful tool that by some reason has been made less important than our spoken words. But if our body language is contradicting our words, we are never going to win a conversation or direct it towards our end goals. Conversational hypnosis is just learning how the mind works and how to manipulate and change a situation or conversation any way we want.


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But hypnosis in general is of course very powerful and one should not abuse the power in any way.