Hydrokinesis is the ability to move and manipulate the element “Water” with your mind. Do you think you have the power of hydrokinesis? Perhaps you have had some experience with being able to influence water in some way? 


If so, or if you are just interested in hydrokinesis and want to develop this ability, you should practice and strengthen your psychic muscle. No matter what we want to do we need to practice, and we need to practice often. You need to discipline yourself and be very patient, as it will probably take a very long time before you get any results, and that result may not be as great as you thought it would be. But it is important not to loose hope and it is especially important that you do not loose that inner passions and excitement you have right now.


People with hydrokinetic powers can control water molecules and thereby change the structure of the water, making it solid or gas-like.


So if you are interested in this psychic kinetic power, you should try the following exercise to develop your hydrokinesis.



Hydrokinesis Exercise


Find a time and place where you will not be interrupted by anything or anyone. Take a bowl of water at sit down in front of it. Sit in a posture that is comfortable and that allows you to sit still for at least 30 minutes.


Place your hands around the bowl and create a strong mental picture of the scenery. Close your eyes and visualize the scene. Try to feel the energy of the water. Feel connected to the water molecules and allow yourself to become one with the element. Take you time for this exercise. Give yourself the time you need to really feel the water. Let it become a part of you. You energy field from your hands are merging with the energy of the water. It can help to remember that neither you nor the water is made from solid matter. You are both just vibrating particles and energy and therefore your energy can influence other energy field. Use your imagination to create a strong visualization of this energy connection between you and the element.


When you are ready you can open your eyes, while keeping this strong mental image and belief in the connection between you. Gaze at the water. Feel and see yourself moving the water by manipulating its energy. Move it like you are moving your own body parts. Believe in your own ability to move the water.


Just like anything else hydrokinesis takes a lot of practice and you must not give up hope if it does not work the first time, since it most likely will not.



People have experienced a sudden ability to move objects when using the energy from your sacral chakra, so you may want to work with this chakra and guide the energy from this point and out through your palms.





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