Learn Telepathy




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If you want to learn telepathy and how to send and receive thoughts to others, you first need to find a telepathy partner who can help you in your spiritual development. You may want to find a partner that are very open-minded or may also want to learn telepathy him self.


One of you will be the sender and the other the receiver.


Sit in front of each other and take a moment to settle. You may even want to do a short meditation, such as a breathing meditation, before starting this exercise, as this will help you relax your mind and body and be more sensitive to psychic energies since your mind will be still and you will allow influences from outside yourself to enter your mind and notice them. So take a short 5 to 10 minutes preparation for your telepathy exercise, and make sure your mind is still and your body is calm.


You will already have decided who will be the sender and who will be the receiver before you do the meditation, as this will allow you to move smoothly into your telepathy work and not have to break the calm state you are already in.


Slowly open your eyes while remaining quiet and take a look at your partner in front of you. Try to get a strong mental picture of the person, as this will help you send and receive the thought. The sender must know what he or she wants to send to the other person. It can be a word, picture, feeling, etc. You probably want to start with a picture, as this may be the easiest one when you have to visualize yourself sending the message.




Now close your eyes again. The sender will have to visualize the message being send to the other person. To do this, you can visualize a connection between you and your partner such as an energy channel from the forehead of the sender to the forehead of the receiver.


Picture the object you want to send as clear as you can. If it is a picture, make a strong visualization of the colours in it and the shapes of the things in the picture.


Now slowly move the object through the energy channel you have created in your mind and see it move from your head towards the head of the receiver. Take your time and do not rush it. While sending the message you will constantly focus on the image and the colours and shapes all the way through the tube.


Visualize the image arriving at the forehead of the receiver and entering his or her mind. The picture will now be in the receiverís head and the colours and shapes will be very clear and strong.


The receiver will tell what she or he sees or feel with as many details as possible even thought it may seem silly at first. Now see if the received messaged is what you send. Maybe it will only be some of the things from the sent object that the receiver was able to catch, and that is totally fine. Even only a colour or feeling is still a successful telepathy result and of course the results may be minor in the beginning, but as with everything else, it gets easier with practice and patience.


So if you are interested in learning telepathy, you may want to try this exercise and see if you get some good results with it.