Meaning of Gesture




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Gestures can be done with the entire body or with small parts of your body such as your arms, head, etc. Depending on what type of gesture you are performing, there will be a different meaning of the gesture. These meanings may be culturally recognized and therefore understood by people from that same culture. So if you for instance wave at someone, in many countries, the meaning of the gesture will be hello, and it will indicate that you are saying “hi” or even “come here” if you are waving towards yourself. But gestures are also something that is used in meditation and yoga and helps the practitioner to focus.


Hand gestures are something that is used in almost every meditation and yoga practice and they have the ability to lead energy and thereby improve the health of the practitioner. Hand gestures are therefore also very important when you are working with healing, where the healer will place his or her hands in a specific way to guide the energy from and to the right places.


There are numerous different hand gestures and they all have their significant meaning and benefits.


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