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Meditation for Beginners

Start the Right Place with the Best Exercise for You!




If you are new to this or have only tried it a couple of times, you should start with some meditation for beginners, which will be simple and easy to learn. You also have to get some basic knowledge such as the benefits and the different postures you can choose from. But most importantly You must enjoy it.




There are many benefits from meditation no matter if you do it for 5 minutes per day or for hours. The benefits may be different but so may your goals also be. So if your goal is to reduce stress and become more relaxed, short 5-minute exercises will help you a lot. But if your goal is to become more spiritual aware and more connected to your spirituality, you may want to increase the time for at least 30 minutes per day.



Before you start, you have to choose a posture you want to use. Postures are positions that will give you a more successful meditation. There are different postures and you can either lie down or sit up in varies positions.


Breathing Exercises

Breathing is a great way to start if you are new to this. It is simple and is the foundation of every type of meditation. No matter what kind of energy or spiritual work you want to learn, you will need to know how to warm up and relax your mind and body with breathing exercises.


Focal Meditation

Focal techniques are a very simple yet powerful exercises. You will learn to focus on one small object without getting distracted be the surroundings. This will help you focus and concentrate while meditating


5-Minute Meditation

A short 5-10 minute relaxation exercise is great for beginners as well as people who want to get rid of stress and tension. The great thing about doing short exercises when you are starting out is that you will not get frustrated and unfocused as you may will during a 30-60 minute session. You have to slowly get used to sitting still and thoughtless and in the beginning your mind will feel bored and your thoughts will wander off a lot. But in time, you will train yourself to become more disciplined.


Meditation MP3

Some people find it relaxing with soft music while meditating or the sound of nature on recordings. Others like to have an audio recording guiding them through the exercise step by step so that they do not have to focusing on remembering every step.



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