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Personally I do not always think about my thoughts. I feel that they are on some sort of default state, where they will not have any influence on my life what so ever. But unfortunately that is not the case. 


Every thought that enters our minds have some kind of effect on our mental and physical body. There is no way for us to stop this process from happening. We know that from the law of attraction. 

That means that if we want to get a healthier life both mentally and physically, we need to start by change our way of thinking.


That will be very difficult for most of us, and will take a lot of time getting used to. But a change in our thought patterns in crucial if we want transformation in our lives. And I think the best way to do that is to become aware of our thoughts. In that way it will be much easier to control them and change them.


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Mindful Meditation

Mindful Awareness Training


As you probably already know, there are ways to do a short mindful meditation and still get some of the great benefits. It can really make our every day life more positive and less stressful if we use meditation as a cleansing tool of our thoughts. And most people need some mind cleansing from all the negative and self-destructive thoughts we have every day. You probably know those thoughts. They are the ones that make you feel worried, stressed, sad, insecure, and self-doubting. Those thoughts do not benefit us in any way, but we still have them. Most of us think negative thoughts on a daily bases actually.

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The key to solve this problem is to become aware of our thoughts and our feelings. That is the first and crucial step we have to take. If we are aware of our thoughts and which are beneficial to us and our lives, and which are just destructive and unhelpful thoughts, we will be able to change them. While meditating we will take an inside journey into our own minds and focus on the processes that goes on in there (which the MATS System will teach you). We will learn to listen to our feelings and bring that to our conscious mind instead of our unconscious mind. And be doing that we will have more control over our thoughts and realize that we need to replace them with positive thoughts. These are thoughts that will inspire us, encourage us, give us strength, give us hope, and give us the confidence that we lost over the years.


The Mindful Awareness Training System 2.0


This Mindful Awareness Training System (MATS 2.0) consists of 12 MP3 recordings that will help you meditate. It will start by teaching you how to relax so that you can pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. It will then teach you how you can create positive thoughts and feelings, which will be the replacement and main focus in your every day life as it becomes a habit to simply shift our focus to these useful emotions.


The 12 exercises:
Exercise 1: Basic Relaxation Exercise
Exercise 2: Mindfulness of feelings in the body
Exercise 3: Creating and experiencing physical feelings
Exercise 4: Mindfulness of Emotions
Exercise 5: Creating emotions
Exercise 6: Anchoring positive emotions
Exercise 7: Using your anchor in past and future scenarios
Exercise 8: Applying a relaxed state to concepts, ideas and beliefs
Exercise 9: Mindfulness of Thoughts and Inner Dialogue
Exercise 10: Mindfulness of Identity
Exercise 11: Mindfulness of feelings, emotions, thoughts and identity
Exercise 12: Strengthening your focus



So if you are interested in becoming aware of your thoughts and becoming more positive and self confident, you should give this meditation system a try, just Click Here to learn more


I would like to hear what you think about this product. please send me an e-mail and let me know if you liked it.


Jessica T.