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Mindful Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation - Learn to Become aware



Mindfulness or Mindful meditation is all about becoming more aware of your present thoughts and emotions and simply observe them without trying to judge or alter them. Focus on Now. Not on the past and not on the future but on Now, the present only.


Mindful Breathing Meditation


Step 1

Sit in a comfortable posture with your back upright and straight. Take a moment to feel comfortable. For this meditation your eyes should be half open but they have to be relaxed. Look downwards to the floor and your feet, but simply gaze. Do not stare or be too distracted at what you are looking at.


Step 2

Start paying attention to your breath. Do not change your breathing or force yourself to take deep breaths but just observe the inhaling and exhaling of your natural breathing. Notice how it feels. How the air feels as it enters your nose. How your chest expands as you inhale and how it falls down again as you exhale. Take in all the impression but do not judge them or try to categorize them. Just be a passive observer focusing only on the present and on every single individual breath. How does ‘This’ breath right now feel?


Step 3

At some point your mind will start to wander and thoughts will penetrate your mind. Do not force them out of your head. Observe them. Acknowledge that they are there. Do not focus on what they are about but just let them go. Let them out as easily as they entered, but with no force. return to your breathing after acknowledging the thoughts and letting them go. Watch the breath again as you did before.


Step 4

Continue this meditation for as long as you like. For instance 10 – 20 minutes every morning and every evening, or longer if you feel like you have the time and the patience.



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