Mudras are used in meditation and yoga and they all have their own significant characteristics. So depending on your goal, you need to choose the mudra you feel can help you in the right direction. There are so many great mudras to choose from, and they are all very simple and easy to do for everyone, even beginners who have never tried using them before. So find out what to do with those hands when you meditate, so that they are not just dangling there beside you. Some mudras feel more natural for your hands to do than others, so if you are just starting out, you can start with some of the less demanding mudras, which will feel natural and relaxing for your hands, so that they do not interrupt your practice.

The benefits of using mudras is the way you will be able to focus your energy the right way and for the right cause. You may seek better concentration, and so you should choose a mudra that offers that. But there are mudras for different things such as peace of mind, memory, weight loss, goal reaching, etc. so take a look at the different hand mudras and experiment a little till you find the ones that helps you and works for you.


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