Orbs in Pictures


Orbs in pictures appear as round light-spots in the photograph.


False Positive


There are many different factors that can cause false orbs in pictures such as:


Dust: dust are one of the most common deceiving factors that easily can look like orbs as they will also appear as round globes in the air. So when you are taking orb pictures or analyzing some photographs you have, make sure that there are no or little dust around to give false positive results.


Camera Blitz: The blitz from your camera can also cause an orb-like light in the picture and therefore you should not take picture towards the sun or other type of light or things that reflects light such as a mirror.


Insects: It is impossible to avoid insects to interfere with your orb photographing if you are working outside, and therefore you have to keep in mind that some of the orbs in your pictures may be insects in the air and not actual spirits.




Here are a couple of my own pictures with orb-like globes in the air. They were taken outside and so the possibility of it being insects and dust are much higher compared to if they were taken inside.




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