Paranormal Pictures

Where Can I Take Paranormal Pictures:
Ghosts are everywhere, so it is possible to take paranormal pictures no matter where you choose to photograph. Though you might want to go to places with certain emotional values such a cemetery, where people send out great amount of energy.

You can also go to a potentially haunted location. You can for instance go to crime scenes where someone has been killed or committed suicide. Castles are often said to be haunted, so you may want to visit an old castle with all of its history and all of its mystery. Or you could also visit an old abandon asylum, which are full of tens energies from all the patients who were trapped inside.


What Will I Need:
Every camera works for taking paranormal pictures. Some have even been taken with the camera of a mobile phone. But of course it is better to have a professional good quality camera to get the best results.

It is a good idea to make sure that you take your photos where there is a dark background. With a dark coloured background you will be more likely to detect orbs and white blurs.

Take someone with you on your ghost hunt to take pictures of. Ghosts are sometimes drawn to people and therefore they appear on photographs with other people in them.

You have to take a lot of pictures and even that does not guarantee that you will get any successful ones.

Look for Signs of Paranormal Presence:
Some people are naturally sensitive to energies around them and can detect the presence of positive and negative energies. Maybe you are one of those people. When you visit the haunted location, try to feel energies around you. Do you feel good and comfortable or do you feel like something does not want you there.
Does your hair on your arms and on your neck standing? Do you get a chill and are you getting Goosebumps? Does the temperature change? The temperature may fall when ghosts are present. Do you feel something moving in the room? Are there any strange sounds?

Be Aware of:
Be aware of any factors that could give a "false positives". There may be dust in the air that could look like orbs in the photographs.
Insects - there may be insects flying around, which could look like strange objects on the photos.
Light - don't take photographs directly at the light to avoid lens flair. You can get some light reflections that could look like light entities.
Damp - damp can also create the illusion of some paranormal entities.
Bad picture quality - it is logical that the better your camera is the better your pictures will be and your chances of taking successful paranormal pictures increases.
Shiny surfaces - such as windows, mirrors, glass, etc. It is very easy for shapes from reflections to appear on these pictures.
Dirt on camera lens - this will give false results.