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Positive Affirmations






Positive affirmations improve your self confidence. Strengthen your self esteem with positive thinking. Replace the damaging negative thoughts with beneficial positive thoughts. Improve your quality of life and self confidence.  

      Positive thinking is a great tool to improve your self esteem. Most people take comments very personal. If someone says something rude to us, or criticizes us, we tend to hold on to it for a very long time. It is extremely difficult for us to let it go, and we automatically consider it. Was he right? Did she actually have a point? Is that really how people see me?


      In some cases it will benefit us to listen to these comments if there actually is some truth in what is being said, and it is something about our behavior we have to change, for instance if we behave in a certain way that damage other people or ourselves. But in most cases it is just garbage comments that hold absolutely no truth in them, and only help to destroy our confident. 


     That is where positive affirmations and positive self-hypnotic thoughts will help for our self improvement. We have to be able to sort out what is beneficial comments and what is just damaging to our self esteem and self confidence. But it can sometimes be difficult to ignore these hard and rude comments, because we are so afraid that they are right.  

    We cannot expect the world to strengthen our confident and self esteem, so it has to be up to us instead. They say that you should be your own best friend, and it is true. So many people and so many experiences through life will try to make us feel like failures. And if you also become one of those self-damaging people, who will be there to save you from yourself?


    It is therefore crucial that you change the way that you perceive yourself in order to feel good enough and more confident. You just have to eliminate the negative thoughts that you hold about yourself which are damaging to your self esteem. Instead you have to replace them with positive thoughts. Positive thinking and self-hypnotic thinking are nothing new and you have probably heard it many times before. But that does not make it any less true.  

    So do this confidence boost exercise two times a day. In the morning before starting your day and in the evening before sleeping.

Relax your body in a comfortable posture. You can lie down or sit up. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Feel how your body becomes more and more relaxed for every breath that you take. Take another long slow deep breath in through your nose, and hold it for a second. When you let go, feel your body become even more relaxed and even more comfortable.  




Take Control of Your Life




Just focus on your breathing for about 5 minutes. Just take long deep breaths and feel your body becoming more relaxed. When you are totally relaxed and your mind is still, say to yourself these lines three times each or more if necessary. You have to believe it when you say it.   

-         I have a lot to give the world

-         I love my body and I treat it with respect

-         I love people and I love my life

-         I feel comfortable showing people the real me

-         I am a positive person and nothing can change that

-         I forgive the people that do me wrong

-         I forgive myself and allow myself to be happy

-         I am a loveable person

-         I treat myself and others with respect

-         I am good enough for the world and for myself

-         I love myself with all my heart

-         I will eliminate all damaging thoughts and make room for the beneficial

-         I am a strong and confident person

-         I start every day with a positive attitude

-         I am a great person with a loving personality


Open your eyes and allow yourself to feel great and peaceful. Have confident in yourself and keep these lines in mind during the day. In time it will feel more natural.