Prithvi Mudra


The Prithvi mudra is the mudra of the earth-element and looks very much like the Surya mudra, which is the mudra of fire. The Prithvi mudra is great for energizing your body and mind if you feel tired and drained. The Prithvi mudra will help you guide get more energy for your energy body inside you, which will make you feel more fresh and healthy. Your body needs energy for every process in your body and so it is important to give your body the energy it needs to work, especially if you are a very busy person with a very busy lifestyle in this modern world, where everything has to be done fast. It is a world where there is only little time for resting and relaxation and therefore the number of people getting stressed increases when we need to have this hectic lifestyle. So take some time to take care of your physical, mental and spiritual body.


The Prithvi mudra can also help you gain some weight, which is contrary to the Surya mudra, which stimulated your natural metabolism so that you could lose weight. So if you wish to gain a few pounds and think you are a little to skinny, you may want to do this mudra when you meditate.


The Prithvi mudra is also one of the more simple mudras and can therefore be done be anyone. To do the Prithvi mudra you have to take the tip of your thumb and let touch the tip of your ring finger, while keeping the rest of your fingers straight.



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