Psi Ball


A psi ball is the creation of a psychic energy field between your hands. The method for creating a psi ball is quite straightforward but can be very powerful. The making of an energy psi ball will take a lot of patience and an open mind.


Psi Ball Exercise:


Before you start the exercise you may want to do a short meditation such as a grounding meditation or breathing meditation to balance and center yourself and still your mind.


Now place your hands in front of your heart chakra without touching each other or your chest. Place your hands in a position like you are holding a ball.


Close your eyes and slowly move your hands towards and away from each other and imagine that energy are coming from your palms and enters the empty space between your hands. You may want to imagine that the energy are coming from your sacral chakra and moves up through your body and out through your palms.


Imagine that while you are moving your hands that you are shaping and charging this energy that gathers between your hands. Make it more intense and more powerful and continue to fill it with energy from your hands.


Try to really feel the energy and even the vibration if possible. Take your time and do not rush this exercise. Notice your palms getting warmer and it may also tingle in them while doing making this psi ball.


When you are done and want to end this exercise, brush away the energy from your hands and open your eyes.