Psi Wheel


A psi wheel is a good tool to use when you wan to develop your psychic abilities and telekinetic skills. To create a psi wheel you only need a small square piece of paper, a needle and some soft of rubber-like or spongy object, to stick the needle into. Fold the paper diagonally first one way and then the other. Now you should have a kind of flat pyramid shape, which you place on the needle’s head.


It is a good idea to lightly place a scarf in front of your nose and mouth to make sure that your breathing is not interfering with your results.


Before you begin the exercise do a short breathing meditation to calm your body and still your mind. You need to feel balanced and relaxed before you start.



Psi Wheel Exercise:


Place your psi wheel in front of you and fold your hands around it without toughing it. Close your eyes and focus on the energy inside of you. You can choose a certain point in your body to grab the energy from such as your sacral chakra just below your navel, which is the location for psychic abilities.


Visualize the light orange energy from this chakra moving from this chakra area all the way up through your body and down your arms. See and feel the energy enter your hands and seep out of your palms and in to the area between your hands where your psi wheel I placed. Decide on a way you want to turn the wheel and visualize the psi wheel turning as the energy from your hands fuse with the energy of the object and pushes it around.


After a while with your eyes closed you can slowly open them and just gaze at the wheel, while continuing visualize it moving from the influence of your spiritual energies of your sacral chakra.


If you do not get any results, you should not worry, as it takes time and practice to be able to manipulate energies and move the wheel. Just continue practicing and enjoy the journey.





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