Psychokinesis, also known as telekinesis, is the ability to move objects with your mind. Compared to the other types of kinetic powers, Psychokinesis is not limited to only one object, such as water or fire, but is the ability to move all objects. Spoon bending is also psychokinesis, as you will force the object to chance shape by manipulating its energy.

Psychokinesis is one of the famous kinds of psychic abilities, and something that so many people have experimented with and have had, if they are telling the truth, fairly good results with. Therefore it may be a good place for you to start if you are just starting your psychic development, as you will find a lot of information about it both on the web and in books. Psychokinesis has many branches and some may only have the ability to influence wind but nothing more, while others may be able to work with electricity. All of these different types of psychic skills are all psychokinesis and you may feel like you are more connected to one element than others, and so that you may want to work with the element that you feel connected to.




Practice your psychokinetic ability with Telekinesis Training if you want to start with a basic and general exercise to practice your psychokinesis. But if you wish to start with another more specific exercise, you can check out the list of different kinetic powers and find the one that appeals to you.


You can also train your psychokinetic powers with the Psi Wheel




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