Pyrokinesis is the ability to control the element “Fire”. By developing pyrokinesis you can learn to influence fire and move, create and put out fire with the power of your mind.



Pyrokinesis Exercises


Place a candle in front of you. Make sure it is in a safe place where anything will not catch on fire. You also have to make sure that there is no wind that can give you false results. Sit down in front of the candle and gaze into it. You may want to dim the light to sharpen your focus. Try not to stare at the root and lightest part of the candle. You do not want to hurt your eyes by doing this. Just gaze at the top of the candle.




Take Control of Your Life



Now you can place your hands around the candle and start to create a connection between you and the flame. You can take a moment with your eyes closed, where you will connect with the flame. Visualize it as the energy field it is. See your own energy from your hands. See the aura that surrounds your. Now imagine the two energy fields fuse together and become one. Feel as if the flame is a natural part of you and that you can move it the same ways as you move your other body parts.


Now open your eyes and gaze into the flame. Feel the energy connection between you and the flame and then slowly try to move it. Try to make the flame taller by only using the power of your thought and your energy. Make the flame dance. This takes time to learn so do not give up if you did not get any results.



You may want to keep a psychic journal where you will document all the exercises you have done and the results you have gotten. This helps you see your own development and remember what you did when you get some god results.



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