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Relaxation Meditation

Relaxation meditation to reduce stress




Meditation has many benefits and one of them is that a simple daily relaxation meditation can reduce stress and tension. 


We have all felt stressed at some point in our lives. And stress is necessary for us to get in a run or fight mode, which we will need ones in a while. It is chemicals such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol that help us get into this action mode, where we will be able to act as fast as possible in life threatening or other dangerous situations. This is the harmless and helpful type of stress that can be categories as short-term stress. And then we have the harmful type of stress. The type that does not wear off when the danger has past. The long-term type that keeps your body in this action mode, raises your heart rate and blood pressure and becomes damaging for your body over time.


By practicing relaxation meditation daily you will start to feel the benefits it have. You will learn to relax you muscles and make them less tense. This can save you from a lot of unnecessary headaches. You will also learn how to slow down your heart rate and blood pressure by the practicing of simple breathing and imagery meditation.  



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The Different types of Relaxation Meditation:


  • Breathing Meditation: this is probably the easiest type of meditation yet still very effective. Breathing exercises will relax your mind and body and slow down your heart rate to a more healthy level. You will be able to think more clearly and be more in balance.

  • Imagery Meditation: this is great for clearing your mind and retreating from a stressful day. It will get you in a total relaxed state and then let you go to a place that you find calming and peaceful. There will be no one else than you and your chosen scenery. And when you return to your day, it will be much more relaxed and with a much clearer mind that will help to make discussions and take action without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Mindful Meditation: mindfulness is also a great way to get your body relaxed. You will be working on feeling your body and becoming aware. Paying attention to the different sensations in your entire body starting from your feet and moving up through your body and ending with your head.



Alternative Relaxation Techniques:


  • Yoga Learn to do yoga and be able to move and stretch your body and get a healthy energy flow.

  • Healthy Food Choose your food carefully and go for the healthy food. Choose something that will help with your specific problem.

  • Massages get a nice massage to get rid of all the muscle tension you have.

  • Go for a Walk Take some time out of your day to be alone and take a relaxing quiet walk outside in the cleansing fresh air. Just focus on the calmness and peace around you.