Scrying Mirror


When you are scrying, you are simply gazing in to an object, such as a crystal, water or mirror, while being open to receive different messages and visions. So choose an object that you prefer and start practice scrying.




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The different messages you can receive from your scrying mirrors, crystal, or whatever object you have decided to work with, can come in many forms. It can be a actual visual message that you get, where you will be able to see things from the scrying object with you physical eyes. It may also come as a mental picture or thought, which suddenly enters your mind and seem to come from outside yourself. The message coming from your scrying mirror can also be a feeling and emotion which seems sudden and unrelated to the feelings you had a second ago. Try to notice any differences, even though you may not think they are important.


Scrying Mirror Exercise:


Place your scrying object in front of you and take a moment to calm down. It is a good idea to do a short breathing or grounding meditation before you start to calm your mind and body and to end inner chatter. It allows your mind to become empty and it will therefore be easier to notice any outside signs and messages when your own mind is still.


Look into your scrying mirror but do not stare at it. You should only gaze lightly into the object. try to focus on a place inside the object so that you are not look at the surface of it but in the middle of it. This goes for any type of object you choose, whether it is a scrying mirror, crystal, bowl of water, or whatever you have chosen to work with.


Continue gazing into the object for 20-30 minutes. Do not force anything to show, but instead just relax your mind and be open for any message that would like to show up in the object or in your mind. If you do not get anything after these 30 minutes, just end the exercise, and try again the next day. Just like anything else, this also take practice so not getting any results is quite normal. Just be patient and continue practicing.



Remember to have a positive mind and focus only on positive energy. Do not allow any negative entities to influence you and your practice. Focus only on love, since no one really knows if the messages and signs come from your own Higher Self and intuition or if it is something outside you.