Seeing Auras


Your auras are energy fields from your energy body. They are connected to your different chakra and have different layers. Seeing auras can be experienced with the following simple technique.




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Seeing Auras Exercise:


Step 1

Find a good place for your exercise. You must sit in front of a plain white wall for this aura seeing exercise.


Step 2

Do a short breathing meditation before you begin to calm your physical body and still your mind so that you are able to focus. Make sure that you are relaxed before you continue.


Step 3

Take one of your hands and stretch it out in front of you and in front of the plain white wall. Spread your fingers and gaze at the place between your fingers but without looking at the wall. Just let your eyes rest at this place and do not strain yourself to focus and stare with an intense look. Just relax your eyes and mind.


Step 4

While you are gazing at the empty space between your fingers you will begin to notice shades around your fingers. Notice the colours of the shades but without really looking at them. Keep your focus between them.


If you do not see any colour, do not worry, but just continue the exercise and take your time without rushing the exercise. It takes patience and practice and may not get any results in the beginning.