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Self Hypnosis




When you do Self-hypnosis you are trying to change your way of thinking in to a way that is more beneficial for you. But this will take some time as your subconscious mind only knows your old way of thinking and what you used to focus on. But over time as you change your thought patterns with self-hypnosis your subconscious mind will begin to notice.



Step 1 – Posture

Find a comfortable posture, which you can relax in and sit in for a long period of time. I suggest that you do not lie down for this exercise, since you may fall asleep.


Step 2 – Removing Tension

Take some time to relax and get comfortable. Take a deep breath. Clear your mind and loosen your body. As you relax, focus on your toes. Feel how tense they are. Breathe into your toes and let the air relax your muscles. Feel them become loose and relaxed. As you exhale, you are removing all the tension from the toes and out of your body. Now move up to your entire foot. Notice the tension. Now allow the inhaling air to clear and relax your feet and feel them become loose and heavy. Continue moving up and removing all tension from every part of your body.


Step 3 – Count Down

When your entire body is free of tension and worries begin to count down from 10 to 0. Take long deep breaths all the way down to your stomach. Feel your body become heavier and more relaxed for every time your count down. Take your time and do not rush it. Just relax. When you reach 0 your body and your mind is totally relaxed.


Step 4 – Your Goal

Now it is time to focus on what your goal is. Remain in this trance like state and say in your mind or out loud what you want to achieve. Do you want inner peace? Great ideas and inspiration? To achieve your goals? To become more positive and optimistic? Or maybe more lucky and fortunate?

Decide what your goal is and focus on it. For instance say to yourself “I attract great ideas and inspiration all the time and anywhere I go”, or “I am a loving and kind person that have much to offer the world and I attract love and kind people”. Find I sentence that works for you, but it has to be positive and focused on what you WANT on not on what you do not want or do not have.


Repeat the sentence in your head for as long as you want to. You are trying to connect with your subconscious mind till it also believes in what you are saying.


Try to do this self-hypnosis exercise ones a day, and see if it starts to work.