Burning Bridges


Eliminate your possibility to retreat and force yourself to move forward. Burn the bridges behind you and begin the new chapter in your life.

Sometimes it is necessary to burn the bridges behind you, so that you do not get tempted to go back to you old secure and comfortable routines. If you want a change in your life, perhaps you seek new adventures and challenges that require a total renewal of your daily schedule, then you have to let go of some parts of the past. For instance if you are tired of your old job, which you have had for centuries, or you want to go in to a business, which you know absolutely nothing about, or you want to lose some weight, or maybe you want some new people in your life, if you feel that the ones you have are destructive to your life and have no great influence on you, then you have to make changes and take chances in order transform you life to the better.

Of cause you have to be sure that this will actually change it for the better. Do not try to make drastic changes just for fun. It is something you have to be serious about and be sure that it will not harm you or anybody else.

If you are determine to change something in your life, you have to get out of your comfort zone even though it does not feel as secure and safe as what you are used to. It takes time to get used to changes, but as long as you hang in there, after a while you will get costumed to it, and it will become a natural part of your life.

So if your weight is bothering you, the first step is to realize that you need to change something in your life. You have to change your diet habits and you have to do some exercise. This is something that takes a lot of work, because it is psychological schema you have to change. It is a habit you have to replace with another that benefits you more. And a habit is something that has followed you for very long time, and therefore it will be unpleasant to change it. You like you secure routine where you do all the things you are used to. Nobody likes to drastic changes, but it is necessary if we ever want to change anything in our life.

So when we start our journey towards a new and improved lifestyle, we have to go all the way. We must not retreat to our old life and therefore it is necessary that we burn the bridges behind us. If we constantly are moving back and forth and canít really decide if we are able to complete the task, we will never reach our goal. One should only return to the former lifestyle, if they learn that that is really how they want to live, and that the new lifestyle did not benefit them.

But to be able to move forward to something better, we have to be willing to let go of former habits, which will not be an effortless journey and it sure will be uncomfortable until we get used to this routine and it all becomes a part of our daily life.