Enjoy the Nature


Perform your meditation in the nature and get a more intimate experience, as you discover all the life around you.


Find a peaceful place in the nature, perhaps in your garden, in a forest, a beach, by a lake or river or somewhere you feel comfortable and secure. But it of course has to be a safe environment, so donít go wandering around any strange places alone. Just go to a place where you can be in contact with the nature.


Place yourself on the ground to be as connected to the nature as possible. Try to really experience the nature and all of its wonders. Pay attention to every little creation such as leafs on the trees, the bright colours of the flowers, the small rocks hiding beneath the soft grass, etc. let all your senses be activated and smell the fresh and clean wind away from the pollution of the cities. Enjoy every moment in this environment and feel how at peace you suddenly feel. Feel how connected to the nature you are.


Now close your eyes and listen to the sound of the birds twittering and the tall trees moving in the wind, making leafs on the branches wave and beckon you to join them. Just relax. Let no worry trouble your mind. Be totally at peace. Make the fresh wind clear your mind and let the beautiful landscape fill your mind with delight.


If you are on a beach, hear the waves in the water, and let it wash all of your tensions away. Feel the sand beneath you and smell the nice breeze from the ocean. Just be at peace. Connect with the nature and be totally relaxed.


You can sit and do your meditation here outside, but just relaxing in the nature and connecting with the environment is enough to get you relaxed and stress-free. If you then later meditate inside, you can use this calming mental picture and visualize the scenery to help you with your meditation.