Manifest things in to your life. with manifestation meditation, you can influence the universal energies with your thoughts. Some people believe that they are able to manipulate the universal powers and manifest whatever they desire in to their lives. The only thing they have to do is to focus all they attention on it, and they will get it. Well the universe does exist by the power of energy. Energy has the ability to create and is the most powerful part of the universe. It is likely that we as humans with a powerful mind are able to influence the universal energy with our energy. Manifestations may therefore be possible. The energy probably doesn’t create the things that we desire, but guides us instead towards it and makes us notice the opportunities there comes on the way to obtain our desires. All it takes is focus.


Joe Vitale’s Law of Attraction Certification

You have probably read or watched “The Secret” and maybe experimented a little with the concept of law of attraction too.


The theory that you can attract everything you want into your life, just by focusing on it and believing in it. My guess is that you have not had that much success with it yet? But that does not mean it is not possible.


It is Time to Take it to the Next Level

You may know the name Dr. Joe Vitale from “The Secret”. He will be the instructor in his Law of Attraction Practitioners Course together with Steve G. Jones. Here you will get to work with the law of attraction and create success for yourself with this in depth course, and maybe this time, you will be the one succeeding.


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Manifestation Guide


First - Make a Plan

Make a plan of how you are going to work. Write it down what you want to manifest in to your life, so that you do not forget anything. Make a schedule that you can follow daily.  


Second - Gratitude

Daily you have to show gratitude for what you have. Be grateful for every little thing in your life that you take for granted. The great food that you had for dinner, the soft bed you have to sleep in, the nice chair that you are sitting on, the great family that you have, the fact that you have a roof over you head, the nice clothes that you wear, etc. just show you gratitude for every thing you already have. You have to be grateful for what you have in order for you to get more.  


Third - Visualize You Desire

You should have a clear picture of what you want to manifest in to your life. If your manifestation desire is a house, pay attention to all the little details in that house. How big should it be? What colour? How does it look from the outside and how does it look on the inside. Create a strong mental picture of your manifestation. When you have settled how it should look like, do not change it, even if you find new things you want to add to it. Leave it as it is, or your manifestation message you are sending out to the universe will be unclear, and you will get a difficult time getting what you have asked for.  


Fourth - Place Yourself in the Picture

Place yourself in you picture of your manifestation. If it was the house you wanted to manifest, place yourself in the scenery. Visualize yourself in that house, being glad to live there. If you do not place yourself in you vision, it is very likely that you are not going to achieve your desired manifestation, but instead maybe just see someone else have it. Perhaps you will one day walk by a house similar to the one you wanted, but you will not get it. So place yourself in your vision.



Fifth - Meditation

Start meditating. Take a moment to meditate every day to focus on your manifestation goals. Go through the typical relaxing exercises to get your body relaxed and your mind focused. Then think about the object you want to manifest in to your life. Visualize it as clearly as you can and remember to place yourself in or by the object. Feel how you would feel if you already had it. Make that feeling very strong. Convince yourself that of cause you are going to get it.  


Sixth - Paying Attention

Start paying attention around you. Does any opportunity ever arrive for you to get the thing you wanted? Let your intuition guide you and be aware of occasion that might come to make your manifestation happen.



Seventh - Keep Focus

You should try to maybe ones a week to stimulate your mind by reading books or watching videos about manifestations. This will hold your mind focused over the required period of time, so that you do not get too distracted.


This process is not achieved over night, for some it might, but it will possibly take a couple of month and even after that it will not be guaranteed that your manifestation will succeed. But try to be as focused as you can, and maybe it will work. And even if it does not work, you still did not lose anything in the process.