What are Orbs?


You have probably heard about orbs in connection with spirits or angels and maybe now you are wondering what orbs are. There are many different beliefs when it comes to orbs and it is something that is very difficult to proof has anything to do with spirits. This means that it is all a matter of what you believe.


So What Are Orbs?


Orbs are small light balls floating in the air. Nobody really knows what orbs are. Some say that they are the energy of spirits and some say that they are reflections from the camera on dust and bugs.


But here are some possibilities:


1 - Orbs are small spirits. They are the souls of the dead and the energy is gathered in a little ball. They float in the air and can be caught on photographs appearing as small light balls. They often appear in groups of many or near people.


2 Orbs are energy being transferred from one object, such as people, to the spirit.


3 Orbs are angels that surround us and they all have different colours associated to them. So for instant Raphael would give a green-ish light and Gabriel would give a golden light.


4 Orbs are dust in the air. Orbs are just dust and dirt from the ground and surroundings getting in front of the lens and giving false positives.


So what are orbs? No one really knows for sure what this strange phenomenon is, so you have to decide what you believe and maybe take a look at some of your own old photographs and see if these light balls appear in them and if there is a possibility of it being a real orb.