What Dreams Mean


It can be extremely difficult to know what dreams mean since most of our dreams have so many strange things in them that can easily be interpreted as signs, visions or warnings. Another dilemma with figuring out what dreams mean is that you usually do not remember your dreams for that long. The moment you wake up you have a pretty clear memory of your dream, but only a couple of minutes after, a large percentage of that memory is gone, and by the time you want to think about and analyze your dream, almost all the details are forgotten and you are left with only a fraction of your dream.




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How to Remember Your Dreams


Keeping a dream journal can be a really good tool to use if you are interested in dreams and dream interpretations. It allows you to write down all the different details of the dream before you forget them. So keep a notebook and a pencil beside your bed, and when you wake up, the first thing you should do before anything else, is to write down your dream with as many details as possible.


When you describe your dream on the paper, try to also include things like feelings, emotions, colours, symbols, sounds, etc. Be as specific as possible.


The Following Day


Many times you will experience that some of the things you dreamed at night will happen the following day. It will not be all of it, but only parts of it. You may hear from a person you havenít talked to for a long time, but who may have been in your dream. You may also hear someone say a certain sentence which occurred in your dream and which caught your attention. When you write down your dreams you will not only be able to look beck at them and see what you wrote, but you will also remember everything a little better, which makes it easier to notice when something happens during your day that you have dreamed.


So What Does This Mean?

No one really knows what dreams mean and how we can dream something that happens the next day. Most of the dream does not happen, so we do not have to constantly worry if we have a bad dream that it is going to happen. But by paying more attention to our dreams, we may be able to learn a lot from them and be able to listen to them if the bring certain messages and signs.