Stress Relieving Meditation

Your Weekly Meditation Plan

Monday - Breathing


06:00 am

Wake up 30 minutes before you use to, so that you have time to perform a morning meditation at a quiet and peaceful time where, if you do not live alone, people are still sleeping and noisy sounds from the streets outside are fewer.


Now find a quiet spot in your house where you feel inspired to do your meditation. Perhaps you have a large window out to your garden or some sort of calming environment that you would like to sit in front. Or maybe you prefer less distraction and therefore find an empty corner of a room the perfect place to do your meditation. Choose whatever feels right for you.


Now sit in a comfortable meditation posture and close your eyes.

Do a 20 minutes long breathing meditation where you main focus is to calm your body and energize it, so that you can feel good the rest of the day



02:00 pm

At this time you are probably at work, in school, at a lecture, or somewhere you can’t perform a long meditation and that is all right. Wait till you have a short break, such as lunch, toilet visit, or some sort of quiet time. If you are not alone, go somewhere that you will not be disturbed. You only need to be gone for 5 minutes, so it wont be a long break.

Sit down and close your eyes. Take a deep slow inhaling breath all the way down to your lower abdomen. Inhale in about 7 seconds and then hold the air for 10 seconds if possible. Now exhale in 7 seconds and allow all the worries and impressions, you have taken in during the day, to leave your body. Take a short pause, and then inhale again the same way as before. Take 5 of these slow breaths, which will take you a little under 3 minutes to do. 

If you at any time feel dizzy or uncomfortable, stop the exercise!

When you are done, you can return to your day and feel much more calm and balanced.



09:00 pm

Before you go to sleep you need to do another 20 minutes breathing meditation to let go of all the different impressions you have taken in during your long day. You need to clear your thoughts and mind so that you can go to sleep without worrying or thinking too much about your day. This will help you fall asleep faster and sleep much better.


So go to your special place in your house where you want to do the meditation. Do not perform the evening meditation lying down, as you may fall a sleep. Choose a good posture and then close your eyes and do a breathing meditation, where you will release thoughts and worries from your body.


This was you first day… Well done! Now you have completed the most difficult step, which is getting started. Now you just have to make meditation a natural part of your day and make it feel like a habit.





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It is a very good idea to keep a meditation journal where you will document all of your activities and the results that you get. Include everything that you can think of, such as what you had difficulties with, if it made you feel relaxed and calm or if you had trouble focusing. Write everything down in your meditation journal, so that you can look back and thereby really notice any improvements.



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