Stress Relieving Meditation

Your Weekly Meditation Plan

Saturday – Energy Shower


06:00 am

Today is time to energize your body with a powerful Energy Shower. An energy shower will help you absorb energy, which will improve your overall health. For this exercise it is a good idea to lie down, if you can do this without falling asleep. So go to your special meditation place and lie on your back with your arms resting beside you. Close your eyes and take a couple of cleansing breaths to remove thoughts and tension.


Now imagine that you lie naked in a dark empty room. You are looking up at the ceiling. Start to imagine that a couple of tiny golden light drops are slowly leaking through the ceiling and moves toward you. They fall very slowly because they are made of light positive energy. Notice how these few drops makes the room just a little bit brighter.


Imagine more golden energy drops seeping through the ceiling and slowly falling towards you. Now imagine the first drop of light reaching your naked body. See and feel the energy drop falling on your skin. Now see the drop merging with your skin and enter your body leaving a golden spot of light glowing from inside of you.


Follow the other drops as they fall from the ceiling as a rain in slow motion. Now notice the second drop reaching your body, and just like the drop before, it will merge into your skin and into your body creating a golden healing light from within. Try to really feel the vibrating energy of this beautiful light.


Continue to absorb these golden energy drops into your body until your body is completely filled with golden light. Feel the energy and how it completely heals your body from any negativity. Feel how the strong energy stimulates your immune system and any healing process in your body. Notice your health improving.

Do this morning exercise for the usual 20 minutes and then open your eyes and start your day with great health and restored energy.



02:00 pm

Prepare for your usual daily 5-minute break for you breathing exercise. Go to a quiet spot and sit down. Inhale slowly all the way down into your abdomen while counting to 7 in your head. Hold your breath for 10 seconds and then exhale for 7 seconds. Do this 5 times and then feel the level of energy you have. Notice yourself becoming more energized and clearheaded. Continue with your day feeling all new and improved.


09:00 pm

Get ready for your evening meditation exercise. Go to your quiet spot in your house in then lie down and close your eyes. Start your evening Energy Shower and do the same thing as you did in your morning exercise. Imagine yourself lying naked in a dark empty room. Start to visualize small golden drops seeping through the ceiling above you and notice how they slowly fall towards you. Do not rush the exercise but let everything work in slow motion. Absorb the first drop of golden energy that falls on your naked skin. Feel it enter your body and see the golden light it leaves inside of your body. Continue this exercise until your entire body is a powerful source of bright energy that lights up the dark room. Feel how the energy heals your body and destroys any negativity inside of you. Do this for at least 20 minutes and then open your eyes.






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It is a very good idea to keep a meditation journal where you will document all of your activities and the results that you get. Include everything that you can think of, such as what you had difficulties with, if it made you feel relaxed and calm or if you had trouble focusing. Write everything down in your meditation journal, so that you can look back and thereby really notice any improvements.



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