Stress Relieving Meditation

Your Weekly Meditation Plan

Thursday – Breathing


06:00 am

Today it is time for an important repetition. You will do a breathing meditation again today. Breathing exercises are very essential in meditation and therefore very important. It is always important to once in a while to return to basics and the root of meditation. A great thing about breathing exercises is that they are very simple and easy to learn and do, so you wont have to worry whether or not you are doing it right.

So start your 20 minutes breathing exercise and start your day with great energy and a fresh positive mind.



02:00 pm

Now it is time for your usual 5 minute breathing exercise, so take a break and go to a place where you will not be interrupted for 5 minutes. Sit down and start your exercise. Inhale while counting from 1 to 7, and then hold your breath for 10 seconds. Now exhale the air and count from 1 to 7 while emptying your lungs. Take a short pause and then inhale again. Take you 5 usual breaths and then stop the exercise and return to your day.


09:00 pm

Now you will cleanse your body and mind with another breathing exercise. Make sure to completely remove all stress and worry that may be in your system and which could cause you to get a bad sleep. Get it all out of your system and cleanse your body by breathing in healing energy and breathing out drained air full of negative energies. Continue for 20 minutes and then go to sleep with a stress free mind and a tension free body.





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It is a very good idea to keep a meditation journal where you will document all of your activities and the results that you get. Include everything that you can think of, such as what you had difficulties with, if it made you feel relaxed and calm or if you had trouble focusing. Write everything down in your meditation journal, so that you can look back and thereby really notice any improvements.



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