Stress Relieving Meditation

Your Weekly Meditation Plan

Tuesday – Visualize


06:00 am

Today you will try another relaxation meditation called visualization meditation or imagery meditation. This type of meditation is great to reduce stress, as it will feel like a small mental retreat and a time for your mind and body to restore its energy and feel at peace.


So go to you chosen meditation location and sit comfortably. Close your eyes and perform the imagery meditation for 20 minutes before you start your day.



02:00 pm

Once again you will have to take a short 5-minute break from your day to do the same breathing exercise as you did yesterday. So go somewhere that you wont be disturbed for 5 minutes and then sit down. Inhale deeply for 7 seconds in a constant manner. Hold your breath for 10 seconds and then exhale in 7 seconds. Feel yourself getting rid of worries and muscle tension. Pause for a couple of seconds and then inhale again. Just like the day before, you will take 5 breaths like this and then go back to your day feeling much more energized and centered.


This short meditation exercise will be constant through out the week. Every day you will perform this exercise at the same time with no variations. It is only the morning and evening meditation that changes daily.



09:00 pm

Just like in the morning meditation you will now practice a imagery meditation where you will cleanse your mind for thoughts. You may want to do the beach visualization for the evening, as this will give you a feeling of being cleansed as the waves washes out all thoughts and tension. A beach is a very calming place and perfect for letting go of worries and stress.





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It is a very good idea to keep a meditation journal where you will document all of your activities and the results that you get. Include everything that you can think of, such as what you had difficulties with, if it made you feel relaxed and calm or if you had trouble focusing. Write everything down in your meditation journal, so that you can look back and thereby really notice any improvements.



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