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Your Weekly Meditation Plan

Wednesday – Mindfulness


06:00 am

Today you will try a mindfulness meditation exercise, which is one of the most famous types of meditation techniques out there. In mindfulness you will be a passive observer and simply observe without judging or changing your breath in any way. The key to mindfulness meditation is to Be In The Present. So you must only focus on NOW and what is happening right now.


Go to your special corner of your house and sit down in a comfortable meditation posture and close your eyes. Now perform a Mindfulness Meditation for 20 minutes to help still your body and mind and learn to live in the moment.



02:00 pm

Once again you will have to take a break from your day to do the short 5-minute breathing exercise to energize you. So go to a quiet place and sit down. Inhale while counting to 7 in your mind. Hold your breath and count to 10 and then release the air in a constant exhalation while counting to 7. Pause for a short moment and then take the next breath while counting in your mind. Do this 5 times and then stop. Return to your day with a feeling of having acquired new and improved energy. You feel much more awake and alive.



09:00 pm

Prepare yourself for your evening meditation. Get comfortable at your meditation spot and choose a good posture. Just like this morning you will work with mindfulness meditation today. So perform your mindfulness exercise and feel yourself getting calmer and more centered. You will learn to be much more aware and focused.





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It is a very good idea to keep a meditation journal where you will document all of your activities and the results that you get. Include everything that you can think of, such as what you had difficulties with, if it made you feel relaxed and calm or if you had trouble focusing. Write everything down in your meditation journal, so that you can look back and thereby really notice any improvements.



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