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I have been doing a lot of 5 to 10, and for me they work just fine as a stress decreasing technique or a warm up for an other meditation. Breathing exercises for me are often very helpful, since you've only got one focus, the breath. This helps you keep your mind fixed on one thing and thereby empty your mind for all other irrelevant thoughts. 


I also enjoy the visualization exercise, as it allows me to use my senses. During this exercise, you almost believe that you are in the imaginary place that you've created. It is a very nice and relaxing feeling, though it is difficult to connect it to another meditation and use it for warm up. This is a stand alone exercise just for relaxing, and for that it works just fine.

The visualization exercise is also a great practice if you have considered working with manifestations.



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5 Minute Meditation 

A Quick Way to Take a Break





Do a short 5 minute meditation. If you have a busy life, and know you wont have 30 minutes every day to practice, then spend 5 minutes instead on simple exercises that still will get you to relax and create a less stressful day. Start your day with one of these short 5 minute relaxing techniques and meet the day with a more positive attitude. 


Breathing Meditation


Sit in a comfortable posture with your back straight.

Take a long deep breath, and let the air fill your lower abdomen. Let it carry a great amount of positive energy to you body. Feel how your body absorbs the energy, and the instant feeling of bliss and delight that fills you. Exhale the air, which you have drain from energy, through your mouth, and let it take all of your tension and worries out of your system. Pause a couple of second before inhaling again. 


Inhale again and let the air fill you lower abdomen as it brings more energy supplies to your body. Feel the uplifting feeling of the energy entering your body and see the bright white light inside of you. Feel the warmth and the joy that it brings. 


Visualization Meditation


Lie down or sit up in a comfortable posture and close your eyes.

Take a deep breath all the way down to your lower abdomen. when you exhale, feel how much more relaxed you get and how you are letting go of all worries. Keep your body calm and relaxed, and focus on your breath. Do no longer breathe consciously but just pay attention to the breath. Feel how your body is relaxing.


Now imagine that you are lying down, or sitting, outside in the nature. Feel the grass beneath you. It is soft and smooth. Feel the soil under it. It has a dry yet a soft texture. Feel the uneven and bumpy surface. Smell the grass. Smell how fresh it smells. nearby runs a river. Hear the rippling water as it flows down the river and how relaxing it makes you feel. Feel the wind against your skin and how it carries the smell of the river. You can almost taste its aroma. Try to really use all of your senses and just be creative and add any details you like and that makes you feel secure and at peace. This is a great way to calm your body down.




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