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Jessica T.


When I first heard about this technique, I thought it would be quite interesting to try. It seemed simple and would give me a strong result in form of this loving feeling. So I first worked on a total chakra healing as a sort of warm up. 

I needed to get relaxed and calm, which is one of my handicaps. So it takes a little longer for me to get totally relaxed. So if you have the same problem, do not worry or give up, just take a few more minutes to warm up.


Anyway, I began this crown chakra exercise, and for me I felt it right away. Do you sometimes while visualizing light in your exercise, see and feel this bright light around you like it must come from your surrounding, even though it is kind of dark in the room where you are sitting. I experience that too sometimes, especially during this crown chakra meditation. It is such a pleasant and warm feeling.



If you have any questions or comments, you are more than welcome to send me an E-mail, and I'll try to answer them as good as I can.




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Crown Chakra Meditation





The Crown Chakra Meditation will focus on the energy flow through your Crown Chakra and in to your body. You can do this after you have done the entire Chakra healing but you can also just go directly to this, if you would rather work on the energy flow. But it is important to also do an entire chakra healing exercise to balance your chakras.


It is very important, as in any other meditation, that you FEEL the meditation. So what do I mean about that... You have to use your senses as much as possible. See the light. hear it's vibration around your head. Feel the warmth and loving energy.


Crown Chakra Meditation Exercise


Sit up in a posture that you find comfortable, and close your eyes.


Take a deep breath to get all the tension out of your body and mind and making it ready for the crown chakra exercise. Feel how you are letting go of all worries as you breathe in. And when you exhale, your body will become totally relaxed. Do this three times, or as many times it takes for you to be totally relaxed. Do not rush the chakra meditation. It works the best if you are not rushing or getting impatient.


Now focus on your Crown Chakra at the top of your head. Imagine the chakra opening and see a bright light entering your body from your crown chakra. Feel how warm and blissful the entering energy feels. Imagine it moving in waves that washes in through your crown and lightens up your head at first, and then quickly as a water stream runs down to your entire body. You will notice a strong feeling of joy and bliss, or simply Happiness.

Now pause for a while, about 30 seconds, and the let a new light energy stream enter your crown chakra as a beam of light above you. Let it fill you head and fill it with such a blissful and pleasant feeling. let it move to the rest of your body and ones again fill it with bliss joy.


Take a few seconds rest between each energy flow from the crown chakra to get a stronger result.