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When I first heard about the third eye and the pineal gland, it caught my attention right away. So I started to read about it and how one could open it, and stumbled upon the 'thoh' chant, which I thought I would try out. The most difficult part of this exercise was, that I did not know if I was hitting the right vibrating tone. But it really did not matter a lot, as long as I felt it on my third eye, which I did. 

You can read about my results in Third Eye activation in Results and Side-effects.



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Third Eye Meditation 

How to Open and Activate the Third Eye

A Step-by-Step Guide




Warning: If you are thinking about opening your third eye, you should know that you have to do it with some caution. You need to have some basic knowledge about the third eye, and why you should only perform the exercise if you are absolutely sure, since it for some people can have extreme effects. 




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Basic Information: In third eye chakra meditation, the goal is to stimulate and open the third eye. Third eye activation should not be attempted if you do not want to explore the spiritual existence. Everyone experiences it different, and it is therefore difficult to specifically say, what the outcome will be. You can read about my experiences with this exercise in the side column. But if you do like to try it, this third eye technique will help activating your third eye, and the result can be an increasing intuition and capability to develop psychic abilities. Read more about the results and side-effects here



You could call the third eye a window to the "world beyond", or what people call paranormal or supernatural. The third eye is the 6th chakra and is connected to the pineal gland, which is a tiny gland located right smack in the middle of the brain. This little gland controls our sleep patterns and is stimulated by light to inhibit the melatonin flow we need for sleeping.


Third Eye Meditation Guide

A Step-by-Step Guide


Opening Your Third Eye

'Thoh' Chanting exercise


Step 1

Do one of the breathing exercises. You just need to be relaxed.


Step 2

Do the shambhavi mudra, where you turn your eyes upward, so that they are looking in the direction of your third eye, which is on your forehead just above the eyebrows. Do this without straining your eyes. You still have to be comfortable without getting a headache. The main point is for you to focus on your third eye.


Step 3

Take a long deep breath through you nose, hold it for a second while you purse your lips and  place the tip of your tongue between you teeth, and gently press your teeth against your tongue. 


Step 4

When you exhale through you mouth, you have to chant. It have to be a sound that will give a good vibration to your third eye. The 'th' sound is effective for that. Hum thoh while you focus on opening the third eye.


Step 5

In third eye activation the sound has to be chanted in a b or c tone. You can experiment a little before beginning. When you hit the tone where you feel the vibration in your third eye, you should stick to that.


Step 6

When you hum the sound thoh, it should be long and slow as you exhale. Feel the vibration  on your third eye on your forehead and be willing to enter another reality full of bliss and love. Your focus should at all time be on a strong loving feeling. After you exhale, pause for a couple of seconds and inhale deeply again. Hum the sound for about 5 times, pausing between every exhalation.


Step 7

You have to repeat this third eye meditation exercise for 4 more days in a row with 24 hours between every exercise. 


After you have completed the Opening the Third Eye Exercise you may feel a slight pressure on your forehead. Or you may also feel a tingling feeling on your third eye or on the Crown chakra. See Results and Side-effects


















Activating Your Third Eye  

A Daily Practice

After opening your third eye you have to keep stimulate it. You need to do more work where you focus your energy on your third eye and allow it to be fully activated.


Step 1

Sit in a comfortable posture but still with your back straight. Take a few deep breaths in through your nose all the way down to your lower abdomen and exhale it out through your mouth and let it remove all of your tensions and frustration.  

Step 2

Do the shambhavi mudra as you did in the above exercise. Be relaxed in your eyes and do not strain them. Then close them and focus on your third eye.  

Step 3

Imagine an indigo or purple colour in front of your third eye, and feel its energy. See how bright the colour is and how blissful it feels.  

Step 4

you can listen to or chant yourself in a good vibration c tone that tingles on your forehead and stimulate your third eye.  

Step 5

Just focus on your third eye. Imagine all the love and wonders you want to feel and see. You should of cause only focus on positive things and what makes you feel good. Do not force a picture to appear but simply observe. Your will be the observer and receiver to whatever the universe or your higher self shows you.  

Step 6

Do this exercise after you have completed the opening of your third eye exercise. Practice this every day if possible, but do not forget the complete chakra healing, which is as important as the third eye meditation. You need to keep it balanced and create a strong chakra all the way from the base and up.